Saturday, May 19, 2012

FREE PATTERN: Braided Headband

This beautiful headband is so elegant and EASY! This is seriously the most basic pattern you can have - yet it is so pretty! I love how it's adjustable so you get the perfect fit. Plus - and this might be my favorite part - no ends to weave in!

This was so easy that my friend, who had never crocheted in her life, saw one, loved it, and made it! I just taught her how to chain, and she did the rest!

These headbands would make great last-minute gifts, or just a special treat for yourself!

Here's the pattern/tutorial:

30 yards worsted weight yarn
F (3.75mm) crochet hook

Leaving a long tail, ch 120. Fasten off, leaving a long tail.
Repeat 2 more times, until you have 3 strands.

Gather the 3 strands together and tie a knot right above where the chains start.

Now braid the 3 chains until you reach the end.

Tie a knot at the end.

Now take the long tails that you left and braid those, too.

Tie a knot after about 3 inches of braiding, and trim yarn about 1.5 inches below.

Repeat on the other side, and you're done!

Easy, right? And so gorgeous!

Feel free to make and donate as many of these headbands as you like! I just ask that if you sell these online, you credit my blog. Thanks!

Enjoy, and I would love to see pictures if you make these :)

Pattern requests? suggestions? Go here.


  1. These headbands also make a great cat toy since it's braided my cat can't shred it into pieces or eat it. Of course it looks good on peoples heads as well :)

    1. Jess, what a great idea! Haha, never would have thought of it:) Glad you are being creative with my patterns!

  2. How do you tie it together? Can't tell if you knotted it or made a bow. Thanks! That is too sweet. :) Also looks quick and fun.

    1. I just put in on my head and then tie a bow in the back but you can do it however you want!! So glad you like the pattern, and you are right. It is quick and fun!!!