Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jay's Boutique Facebook page!!

I am so excited . . . I just opened up a Jay's Boutique Facebook page!!! Please go check it out, like it, comment, share . . . even a special promotion going on for the first week :) I am planning to let you know when I post a new pattern (free or for sale), when I need testers, etc. So be sure to check it out!

Friday, September 21, 2012


It's finally here! The Women's Bow Strap Slippers have taken way longer to make than I expected them too , but now they are nearly done and ready for testing! I have just a few finishing touches to make and then they are ready for you guys! Please comment on this post if you are interested and if you meet all of the requirements - and be sure to let me know which size(s) you are willing to test! I don't want four testers for the same size :)

Here are my requirements:
1. That you have some crocheting experience. You need to be able to read a pattern in standard American terms, and you need to be able to give feedback on my patterns in comparison to others you have followed. That being said, however, I don't mind if you aren't a professional crocheter because I want to make sure the pattern is easy to read even for a semi-beginner. If possible, link me to a few websites where I can see your work.
2. That you have have it tested by OCTOBER 2!!!! This is really important. Please have ALL your comments/questions in by the 2nd (the sooner the better though!!) Please only agree to test this if you are confident you can make the deadline.
3. That you can send me in a picture. I would also appreciate it if you can post it on ravelry (if you have an account) once the pattern is up and posted. This way others can see your work too!!

Here are the sizes to choose from:

Basic needs are cotton yarn and a G hook, the rest of the information will be in the pattern.

Again, if you are interested, comment on this post and 1) tell which size you would like to test, 2) if possible, link me to some of your work, and 3) give me an email or place to contact you (you can always email me at if you would rather give this information to me privately). I will be done with the pattern in just a few days and will then be ready for you!!!

Thank you so much for considering!!!

For the free girl's size pattern, go here.
For the baby size pattern, go here.